Ultimate Hockey


4 vs 4 ICE RULES

Home Teams - Dark
Away Teams - Light
Proof of age and USA HOCKEY CARD are required. Ages are as of January 1, 2010.

Teams are made of 5 skaters and a goalie. Games are played with 4 on the ice and a sub.

Each team will play a four game minimum. Winners in each division will 6 games total. Penalties are 1 minute long. The penalty time starts after the player gets in to the penalty box. Most teams receive a 30 to 45 minute rest between games, except during the play offs games. Do not leave the rink. Games will start on time, regardless if you have all 4 players there or not. No mercy rule will apply. Teams are suggested NOT to eat heavy lunches or garbage foods. Examples: hot dogs, soda,pizza, candy bars and energy drinks.

USA Hockey rules are used, except unsportsman like penalties.  If there is an abuse of the rules at the end of a game, the penalty can carry over.

The games are:
12 minute running clock(stops for officals time outs)
3 points for a win
2 points for a win by shoot out
1 point for a loss by shoot out
1 point for a tie after a shoot out
If the game ends in a tie, there will be a sudden death shoot out.  If the sudden death shoot out ends in a tie, the game is a tie.  If the Championship game ends in a tie, a standard shootout will determine the winner.

Breaks in the schedule are "catch up" time or Zamboni time.  They are never taken unless the the tournament is ahead of schedule or an official choices to use them.  

OFF-SIDES - A player is allowed to skate over the blue line without the puck, but cannot receive the puck until the puck is skated over the blue line.  The rule will be explained to every player prior to the tournament start.

FACE OFFS - will happen only after a score, or after the puck leaves the rink.  After a stop, there will be a quick whistle.  The goalie will then pass the puck behind his net.  The opposing team will back off the puck by 12 feet.  Play will resume after the ref says "play".  NOTE:  If the goalie tried to make a quick forward pass, the back off rule is nullified.

SHOOT OUTS - Each tied team selects the order of their shooters*.  Game officials will decide which team shoots first by a coin toss.  Shoot outs are sudden death.  When one team scores and the other does not in a given round, the shoot out ends.  Rounds are (selected player #1) vs. (selected player #1), (selected player #2) vs. (selected player #2), etc.  If the teams are still tied at the end, the game ends in a tie.  If the shoot out is during the play offs or finals, the round begins again.

*When a team is playing with less than 4 skaters due to suspension, injury, etc. the tournament director(s) or game officials (when necessary) will decide the number of shooters each team may use.

Each team will play in preliminary rounds to determine rankings.  The following determines rankings and tie breakers:

Most Points
Head to Head
Most Wins
Fewest Goals Against
Most Shutouts
Fewest Penalty Minutes
Goal Differential

All ties end in sudden death shoot outs.

Midget, Midget Major and Jr's is CHECKING. But this rule may be changed by the tournament director. The decision is based on local rink rules and co-ed Midget divisions.

Minor penalties are 1 minute running clock.  Major penalties result in a game misconduct.
 Roller Rules
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