Ultimate Hockey

The Coach's clinic will be from 1PM to 4:30 - 5:30 PM 
Please bring a note book and pen!

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C.J. Yoder
C.J. has had a amazing career in Inline hockey. He has started  Pro leagues in South America. He has represented the USA in the Pam Am games, Team USA for IIHF worlds, Team USA FIRS worlds, and has been a Ambassador for the sport. C.J.'s accomplished coach and kids love him. C.J. will also host a coaches class  to help bring teach the teachers. C.J. is the Wayne Gretsky of Inline, and has a list of accomplishments a mile lone. Here are a few:

Team USA(FIRS) 95-08
Team USA( IIHF 01,04,07,09,12-Present)
Tour Mudcats - 93- Present
Asiago Vipers - 06-Present
14  International Gold Medals
7 International Silver Medal
1 RHI Championship
6 NARCH Pro Golds
3 PIHA  Championships
2 TORHS Pro Gold
Coach Yoder will make the kids want to come back. The travel kids will be coached as if they were trying out for Team USA.

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